Ten Heads Full-automatic Packaging Machine

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Production line introduction

Ⅰ、The whole unit:
Contains six pieces: ①automatic vertical packaging machine ②Ten computer combination scales  ③Support platform ④Z type material conveyor(with vibration device)  ⑤Finished product conveyor

Scope of application:
Suitable for the packaging of bulk objects with high measurement accuracy and fragile properties. Such as: puffed food, potato chips, casserole, jelly, candy, pistachio, peanuts, beans, apple slices, dumplings, dumplings, herbs and so on.

Ⅱ、Technical parameters of the whole set:
1. Packaging speed: about 20-60 packages/min, depending on the quality and materials of the packaging film.
2. Packaging size: the width of bag making is 60-200mm, and the length is 50-300mm. Changing different film width requires changing the molding tool, the length is limited and adjustable.
3. Bag-making form: The packaging materials shall be rolled film, and the machine shall automatically make the bag with upper seal, lower seal and back seal. Easy to tear or flat, with printing date device.
4. Power of the whole set: about 3.8 kw
5. Air compressor is equipped with: Not less than 1 cubic meter (buyer's purchase), If want to fill it with nitrogen, the buyer buys the nitrogen machine. The packaging machine has been supplied with air source.
6. Overall supporting height: about 3.5 meters.

Recommended production line